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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

well hello out there

Back. (So it wasn't exactly 'shortly' but who's counting...)
Hmmm...I seem to have absolutely nothing to impart unto the virtual terrain, ah well.
Let us all become lotus-eaters and be done with it.


Anonymous tk said...

lotus-eaters? haha interesting. what did you mean by that..just curious :)
vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh.

6/7/06 1:12 am

Blogger pavandeep said...

Hey tk, it was good ol' Odysseus that encountered the lotus-eaters on his way home from a battle (shipwrecked en-route by a few storms evoked by Zueus, of course), he and the crew landed on an island where the inhabitants ate lotus leaves making them, well, continuously mellowed out shall we say, to the extent that they were content to do absolutely sod-all all day long. That Victorian dude Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a rather (incessantly) long poem about them...

14/7/06 1:25 am

Blogger S.K. said...

All this talk of Odysseus is urging me to get my hands on that Margaret Atwood book 'Penlopiad' which tells the tale from her point of view :) woo woo!

29/7/06 5:57 pm


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