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Friday, March 03, 2006

off to see the wizard

Hello out there... This post is brought to you from yonder... in the sky... to be more precise, lets see... I’m now above Tekirdag (which is on the coast of the Sea of Mamara, of course), near Istanbul.... but not for long, only 8646km and 9 hrs to get to Singapore, then another few to Adelaide! Its apparently -52 degrees outside (nice) and we’re travelling at 620mph, 10,000 m above sea level.
And sure we have wifi up here - how cool is that?! (ok, so its not that cool, but hey).
So off to oz for a couple of weeks, we are taking part in the Adelaide Arts Festival (hence why I have my laptop, p-lease, of course I wouldn’t take her *cough* it on holiday with me).
More to come... of course nothings free, 10 dollars an hour for access up here so I think I’ll log off and ruminate on the dynamics of empty crisp packets falling from two arbitrary points in space, amongst other things. Or I think I’ll just go to sleep... been awake for about 2 days now, had a jury (where we present to our stuff to an external panel of critics) yesterday, so was busy preparing for that, not a complete disaster, which was nice... ramble ramble ramble...
I’m obviously having trouble understanding what I’m doing with this blog... is it a diary? Is it about architecture? Is it supposed to disseminate information? Or make one laugh? I don’t know...

Ps. Go check out Carina Round, she rocks! Deserves a bigger audience for sure - saw her last week at the Hoxton kitchen... raw.


Anonymous satvinder said...

The blog is whatever you want it to be veer ji... much like life. Hope you will post about your trip, project and crit when you have time.

Enjoy your trip!

3/3/06 9:58 am

Blogger S.K. said...

I'm so jealous :-) but also so proud. Hope you have a wonderful trip, enjoy every second of this experience, can't wait to read more--good luck with the work.

P.s./We went to Prague for one of our projects, but Oz beats that any day!

3/3/06 1:18 pm


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