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Saturday, May 06, 2006

back shortly

...in stasis for the very near future, I shall depart with some, perhaps relevant, words of Schopenhauer; an excerpt from his essay 'On the Suffering of the World' (not recommended reading if one's feeling suicidal):


"Not the least of the torments which plague our existence is the constant pressure of time, which never lets us so much as draw breath but pursues us all like a taskmaster with a whip. It ceases to persecute only him it has delivered over to boredom."

...crikey, he was a cheerful chap.


Blogger S.K. said...

"Every true, genuine, immediate act of the will is also at once and directly a manifest act of the body; and correspondingly, on the other hand, every impression on the body is also at once and directly an impression on the will. As such, it is called pain when it is contrary to the will, and gratification or pleasure when in accordance with the will."

From his The World as Will and Representation

8/5/06 12:30 pm

Anonymous satvinder said...

any insight on "sikh" architecture? just decided to look at the subject again.

Hope all is well (",)

24/5/06 1:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you any relation to Manmohan Singh Panesar?

25/5/06 12:38 am

Blogger pavandeep said...

cheers Sat! hmm... will get back to you on that one...

25/5/06 3:05 pm

Blogger pavandeep said...

anon - that would indeed be my brother (though he wouldn't admit it...)

25/5/06 3:07 pm

Anonymous satvinder said...

Yeah mine too as I used to be a panesar too... no not in my former life but before I got married...
Anonymous ji there quite a few Panesar's out there (",)

30/5/06 10:15 am

Anonymous satvinder said...

ps. There's abit of a convo about sikh architecture on my page... feel free to drop by and leave your thoughts.

title of post = "did somesay work?" posted on 23 May

30/5/06 10:18 am


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