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Friday, April 15, 2005

A portrait of the architect as an old man

Le Corbusier 1887-1965
Gandhi 1869-1948
Philip Johnson 1906-2005
Peter Cook 1936-

So who's the odd one out?


Anonymous satvinder said...

Do tell?

22/2/06 1:47 pm

Anonymous satvinder said...

Ok Gandhi was Indian and a politician so he could be the odd one out but then he was an idealist and so was corb... corb and Johnson were Modernists but I don't know much about cook and I'm not sure what Gandhi's stance would have been on Modernism... three are dead and one is still alive?? Oh I give up! (",)

BTW love the title of your blog!

23/2/06 9:35 pm

Blogger pavandeep said...

Well... they all had their utopic visions except for Mr J, who said he was in it for the money and status. But I'm indeed post rationalising - a trick question; none of the above (much more trivial), I just liked the fact that they are all united by their quintessentially architectural old-school spectacles...


23/2/06 11:22 pm

Anonymous satvinder said...

Haha.. I did think about the glasses but then I thought "no-one else could be so trivial"!!! (",)

27/2/06 10:06 am

Anonymous A said...

I very much doubt Gandhi can be tought to have any "utopic vision" - the man was little short of being a racist in many ways.

29/5/06 12:04 pm

Anonymous A said...

"thought" (sp)

29/5/06 12:05 pm

Blogger pavandeep said...

Racist? Perhaps. Although I know not enough about him or his context to partake in that debate, to be honest... and by most accounts Mr Johnson was allegedly a fascist, but that wasn’t the point. I suppose I should have italicized 'their'; after all, Hitler described his vision of the new Reich in Mein Kampf as his utopia - I guess utopic ideals are entirely subjective if you're into morale relativity, that is. But then, he didn’t wear round specs 8)

29/5/06 4:15 pm


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