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Friday, April 01, 2005

Testing... feat. the cat

Hmm, just checking out how to post a pic on this thing...

Here's my mate, 'the cat', what may only be described as nesting in some hay, maybe incubating some eggs for his little pigeon friends... in the urban wasteland otherwise known as my back garden. Turns up in some strange places, this kitty.

right, so html is not so complicated after all then...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my cat is a hatcher of invisible eggs too. did u get your car yet?

18/8/05 7:23 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like reading your blog its interesting..cool name urban dis.turban.ce u should copyright it for something.

18/8/05 7:24 pm

Blogger pavandeep said...

cheers mate,
alas, i'm still saving...

19/8/05 12:28 am


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