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Monday, March 28, 2005

Institutionalising identity?

Im doing a project to design a 'cultural institution' at the moment which has thrown up a lot of questions regarding identity politics and 'difference'. I decided to look at my own identity as a Sikh and to use this to inform the design of a cultural centre which would specifically cater for the needs of the contemporary Sikh demographic. So what better place to choose my site than Southall in West London; it was the primary point of settlement for the Punjabi Sikhs coming into the UK in the 50s and 60s. (Oh, if you're interested I must plug Dennis Morris's book, Southall; A Home From Home, a great collection of photos from that period - yeah, Morris is the guy who also travelled with and photographed the Sex Pistols and Marley!)

This Sunday I'll be going down to the Vaiskai Festival in Southall, the biggest of its kind over here, should be rather interesting day. (nb. guess I should mention that Vaisaki marks the day (13th April) on which the tenth Sikh Guru initiated the Khalsa...)

Thats all for now, folks...


Anonymous satvinder said...

Sounds similar to my final degree project. I found that identity is a tough issue to cover in architecture. Hope you can find some answers.

Really cool to come accross another Sikh architect (in the making). I qualified a few years ago but I'm still learning... look forward to hearing more about your project.


22/2/06 1:43 pm


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